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Kolkata’s own, Sunreap -redefining the power of flour. Add their flour to your grocery shopping 

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Food is symbolic of love, when words are not enough. So whether it is the soft fresh roti, yummy parathas, crunchy samosas, pakoras you make or the lovely cakes, cookies and muffins that you bake, it always tastes better when served with love.

A meal that we relish so much depends on good quality ingredients that enhances and elevates the taste of our recipes. It is important that we choose the right products to cook because “the right ingredient matters”.

Wheat flour is an important source of nutrition and energy in our daily diet. It should be consumed fresh and unadulterated.

SUNREAP is doing just that! Their flour varieties are highly tested, quality certified, pure and wholesome.

But what sets it apart from the rest of the crowd? The very fact that, it’s a New-age Brand built on Age old practices, with a new approach towards food.

And, how is Sunreap doing that? The answer lies in the unique vision and characteristic of the brand, and the novel way in which it presents itself.

So what is so unique about Sunreap?

‘New age food with age old ingredients’

Atta, maida, Sooji, besan,sattu are age-old ingredients of Indian culture. Mutlipe recipes are made with these ingredients across all households in all parts of India. But the modern foodie is moving away from the Indian food habits and fast adopting western food preferences.

These food trends undermine our native grains and encourage the habit of buying and eating globally sourced grains and flours unique to other cultures. Recent Canadian Dietary Guidelines 2019 asserts the concept of eating local traditional produce as that is the best way to eat healthy.

Sunreap asserts the idea the grains that have nurtured and nourished Indian people for generations are still the best option for your body and for your local economy. With this thought Sunreap presents the idea of ‘New age food with age old ingredients’, to attract the younger generation and show them that native grains are as fun and nutritious as their western counterparts.

On www.sunreap.com you will find lip-smacking food recipes made using Sunreap’s locally milled flour. They are innovative, wholesome and presented with a twist.

Follow their posts on www.facebook.com/sunreap for more such attractive food varieties.


Sunreap believes that cooking is an essential life skill. It is said ‘Cooking is love made visible’, and in its journey as a brand, Sunreap has seen Indian women as the focal point in our kitchens. They want to encourage the whole family to cook together with love and enjoy it as a moment of fun filled interaction.

Sunreap promotes #ialsocook to encourage every family member to support and understand each other not just by sharing meals together but also creating and making the food together. Check out these inspiring and thoughtful posts onwww.instagram.com/sunreap.foods

‘Buy Fresh, Buy Local’

Sunreap believes in making the right food choices and eating fresh locally sourced grains, best suited to Indian regional food habits. Their wheat flour along with all other flours is locally milled in Bengal, which means that every pack of flour you buy is from the latest batch of production.

Sunreap Chakki Fresh Atta is traditionally produced using advanced chakki grinding method which means that it is as good as getting wheat milled in your neighborhood chakki.

Sunreap also offers pure and natural flour products like Maida(refined flour), Sooji(semolina), Matar besan(yellow peas flour), Chana Besan(gram flour) and Chana Sattu(dry, roasted gram flour), with the best possible taste, texture and flour consistency.

You can buy it online from www.bigbasket.com also and get it delivered at you!

Sunreap is currently available in 39 Aditya Birla ‘More’ Supermarkets in and around Kolkata and in total 58 ‘More’ Supermarkets all over West Bengal.

Premium Quality flour with ‘No-human touch’

When Sunreap flour is processed the automated production and packing system does not allow any kind of human touch at any stage. Right from the time the wheat grains enter the grinding machines up to the time they come out as packed pouches, every step is automated, super clean and free from human contact. This means 100%purity and hygiene is maintained for the consumers.

Sunreap as a brand was created and developed by Nowrangroy Agro Private Limited, Kolkata- one of the most trusted names in the Food & Beverages industry, a government-approved Star Export house for wheat flour in India. Their flour milling expertise of over 25 years has made them a top manufacturer and exporter of wheat flour and several other varieties of flours and grains in India.

The brand promises its consumers the following:

1. Thorough cleaning process of grains eliminate impurities at every stage

2. Advanced Grinding Technique is specialised to produce top quality flour

3. Hygienic, fully automated packing system is installed ‘without human touch’ at every stage

4.100% pure and wholesome food products in every pack

So, if you are looking for the best flour to suit your cooking skills and satisfy your taste buds, Sunreap is made for you.

Go ahead and explore their range of premium quality flour in your next purchase cycle.

Get those fresh packs of Sunreap flour today!

Visit their website at- www.sunreap.com

Phone number- 03322421842

Mail- info@nowrangroy.com

Facebook- Sunreap

Instagram- sunreap.foods


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