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Hellmann’s delicious hello to the City of Joy!

The World’s No.1 mayonnaise brand, Hellman’s, launched their product for the very first time in India, beginning their journey with none other than, Kolkata! Why? A city of multiple cuisines, Kolkata is always ready to welcome the new!

Notable guests including Chef Shaun Kenworthy, Tollywood actors Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Priyanka Sarkar and Mir Afsar Ali inaugurated the event with a life-sized Hellman’s Mayonnaise bottle and delicious fries and oodles of Hellmann’s mayonnaise being served at our tables.

What made the launch all the more special was an iconic tram ride across the city streets, reminding us of the heritage and cultural that this city stands for, while we tried out something new!

Decorated beautifully with a colourful graffiti, the Hellmann’s Express itself captured our hearts. The celebrity guests and invitees were all taken for a tram ride through the Kolkata city streets and were served culinary delights specially curated by Chef Shaun Kenworthy.

Shaun spoke to all about his favourite Bengali dishes like Nolen Gur, Kashundi, Desi Ghee and Gobindo Bhog rice to name a few, all the while serving his guests, dishes infused with mayonnaise in mushroom, Kashundi steamed gandharaj fish, egg coated bread crumbs, paneer wrap and the most unique one of all – chocolate cake with mayonnaise and spices.

And that’s not all – to make it all the more exciting, celebs and invitees alike queued up in the Hellmann’s selfie food truck to take selfies with this new brand in town!

A special spread was laid out for all, which included shredded chicken tikka, crumbed fried fish with desi tartar sauce, jerk paneer with Tabasco Mayonnaise, crumb fried veggy burger/ sandwich along with a mouthwatering chimmichuri mayonnaise dip.

The launch coupled with the ride on board the Hellmann’s Express was the perfect way to greet Hellmann’s to the City of Joy!

We had our share of deliciousness and are experiencing serious craving for some more. Here’s a huge shout out to you, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise – you are already our favourite!


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