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Journey Of Cricket Academy

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

I am a professional cricketer & still playing cricket representing the state & the club at the highest level. In recent years I am playing in division clubs & played under 13 & 15 tournaments. I am well acquainted with the sports culture in Bengal & being a player I know there are some problems which I am currently facing and have to face in the near future. So my dream was to start a cricket academy where the next generation doesn't experience the problems which I am facing.

Do you want to start as a coach or an entrepreneur?

Frankly speaking, whoever starts an academy is always an entrepreneur but for me, sports come first.

How long it has been for you in this field?

I am in this field for 10 to 12 years !

Please tell us some of the achievements of your students?

Since the academy is new no such achievements of the students at recent but they have represented various clubs, districts, divisions, under 13 & 18 tournaments, the students practice in my academy but students did not represent the academy but they have done well, if you visit our Facebook page or website you can see our students have received prizes for their achievements as I have told that our students haven't represented the academy as a whole, maybe from the upcoming season they will represent.

How do you want to frame the academy, like any cricket league of your own?

We already did a cricket league in the month of May but it was for a short span of just only 2 and half weeks, but we have plans for a cricket league throughout the entire year since the Cricket Association Of Bengal has taken up so many matches they don't have time to organize private matches. But for those who are not playing professionally or they don't have big goals & just come to practice for fitness, they just make them practice to play for private leagues.

Your message to people who wants to come in this genre of sports.

See don't go for the academy that has big names they are fake & they don’t give what they promise, I ask the students & parents to come & see what we are providing.

What facilities do you provide that make your academy stand out from the other Academies?

Like other academies they end up till under 13 ,15 ,17 levels but in our academy we started from under 11 up to professional like 1st, 2nd & premiere division clubs we all together have the tie-ups for that, in the entire Bengal no other academies have long tie-ups like us from the junior to senior level, apart from that our Academy provides personal trainer, personal dietitian, motivational talks & give fitness tips so that the students can do some exercises to keep them fit without going to the gym. We have video analysis class this the first in Bengal & no other well-known academies have this, this facility comes when you are in the state level. We are receiving an overwhelming response from the students and the students residing in the nearby locality of the academy after starting the video analysis class but I want the whole mass to hear about us.

Future prospects in the genre of Cricket

Cricket has seemed to be an expensive game when you start as a student you will get double of the return of what you have invested by playing at a higher level in just 2 to 3 years , hence the future is very bright for cricket as well as for our Academy, as we provide what we promise . Our students regularly get chances to play for Bengal, as you know sports is accelerating in India at a fast pace.

Anything more you want to say about?

All our coaches those who are concerned with cricketing skills in my academy are certified up to the highest level.

Even I am certified from the national cricket Academy which is under the control of BCCI & the trainers are also certified with a par, an academy with big names have only one or two certified coaches & trainers, but in our Academy, all are certified.

Does your Academy support cricket or other games also?

We only promote cricket but also support football.

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